The delicious food of LIUHUA Road, Guangzhou

Cantonese cuisine is one of the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine. For eating, Guangzhou is the place to be. Delicious food is not just a pleasure for the palate, but it is also a profound cultural experience.In YUEXIU District of Guangzhou, there is a street called LIUHUA Road, which gathers numerous culinary delights and is a paradise for food lovers. With Guangzhou LIUHUA Clothing Wholesale Market as the center, you can experience traditional Chinese cuisine in an authentic way.

liuhua road

1. LIUHUA Food Street: A Gathering Place for Gourmet Delights
LIUHUA Food Street is a dining hub in YUEXIU District, specializing in mid-range signature dishes and offering both traditional delicacies and high-end cuisine. Whether you are looking for exquisite dishes from restaurants or various snacks and night market fare, you can find them all here. Here, you can indulge in a variety of culinary delights and enjoy a feast for your taste buds.

shrimp2. TANGYUAN Restaurant: Authentic Cantonese Cuisine with Perfect Taste, Color, and Aroma
TANGYUAN Restaurant, situated near the north gate of LIUHUA Lake Park on LIUHUA Road, specializes in authentic Cantonese cuisine. Its signature dishes such as Volcanic Rock Grilled Chicken Wings, Shark’s Fin, and Peking Duck are favorites among diners. The various dim sum, including shrimp dumplings and sticky rice chicken, are also exquisite and delicious. The restaurant’s elegant environment and relatively affordable prices make it a great place to enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine.


3. Macao Street (Oriental Branch): South Asian Cuisine
The restaurant is located on LIUHUA Road, providing customers with a comfortable and cozy dining environment that ensures a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant’s decorative style is filled with Portuguese charm. Additionally, the seating layout is well-designed, and the hygiene standards are excellent, making diners feel at ease. The restaurant’s dishes are succulent and juicy, leaving a lingering taste in one’s mouth. Portuguese-style roasted chicken is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. The chicken is roasted to perfection, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, paired with a specially made sauce that gives it a rich and delicious flavor. The seafood platter features fresh and tasty seafood with a variety of flavors.

In conclusion, the culinary delights around LIUHUA Road in Guangzhou are diverse and delightful. Whether it’s Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, or other cuisines, you can find dishes that satisfy your taste buds here. If you visit Guangzhou, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the culinary gems of LIUHUA Road.