What to wear in Brazil during the summer season?

If you want to experience the free-spirited vibe of South American countries, Brazil is a great choice. May in Brazil falls in the summer season, with average temperatures ranging from 20 to 28°C. Whether you’re interested in diving to see sea turtles or gliding through beautiful mountains and lakes with a parasail, May in Brazil is a destination not to be missed. When traveling, one important consideration is what to wear in the warm Brazilian summer.

With daytime temperatures averaging around 28°C, it’s recommended to wear light and breathable clothing such as cotton or linen shirts, thin dress, and lightweight T-shirts. However, temperatures may drop at night, so it’s advisable to bring along a thin denim jacket or a linen shirt.

Furthermore, the fashion style for women in Brazil differs significantly from other countries or regions. Brazilian women’s fashion tends to have a distinct European and American flair, favoring bold, sensual, and figure-hugging clothing that complements their aesthetic preferences. If you’re traveling to Brazil, you might consider opting for simple yet stylish maxi dresses or choosing vibrant color schemes. Bright floral prints and ditsy patterns are commonly seen in Brazilian fashion, complementing the vibrant scenery of the country’s tourist spots.

Here are a few outfit ideas sourced from Liuhuamall that perfectly complement the summer vibe of Brazil:

1、Women’s Ditsy Floral Print Short Sleeve Drawstring Waist Pleated Dress

Features: Ditsy floral print, cinched waist, short sleeves

This dress adorned with small ditsy flowers is perfect for the scorching summer days on the beach in Brazil. Wearing a floral dress can make you stand out in the crowd and look photogenic. Additionally, the cinched waist and pleated design of this dress not only accentuate your figure but also add some playful elements to the outfit.

2、MECALA Women’s Sequin Caftan Maxi Mesh Sheer Swim Cover-Up Kimono

Cardigan Suitable scenes: Snorkeling, beach, poolside Unmissable experiences while traveling in Brazil include snorkeling in Bonito and boat rides at the Iguazu Falls, as well as various water-related activities. An essential item for such adventures is a beautiful swim cover-up dress. Whether you’re diving deep into the ocean to converse with sea turtles or marveling at magnificent waterfalls, this swim skirt is a perfect choice. Its transparent design adds a touch of sensuality and allure.

3、MECALA Women’s Fall Knit Black Dress 3/4 Sleeve Slim Fit Club Cocktail Dress

Suitable scenes: Enjoying Brazilian cuisine at restaurants An indispensable part of traveling is savoring local cuisine, and in São Paulo, Brazil, there are many renowned South American restaurants offering dishes like potato shrimp balls, fried chicken, and pizza, attracting numerous tourists. If you’re attending some parties, opting for a black slim-fit dress is more in line with the party atmosphere, accentuating your sensuality and mature charm.

evening dress wholesale-Liuhuamall

In South America, you can boldly experiment with various styles. Of course, if you’re a businessperson looking to wholesale clothing in Brazil or open a boutique requiring Brazilian-themed clothing sources, you can always contact us or visit LIUHUAMALL-B2B CLOTHING WHOLESALE PLATFORM for online purchasing and cooperation discussions.

Certainly, wholesaling clothing in Brazil is a popular industry, but you need to consider the following aspects:

Size selection: Brazilian clothing sizes tend to run larger than in Asia, so it’s essential to have a comprehensive range of sizes, particularly focusing on medium and larger sizes.

Choosing a reliable wholesale clothing platform: Wholesale clothing export business involves many issues, including production quality, logistics, export customs clearance, insurance, etc. You can choose platforms like Liuhuamall, which offer end-to-end services, providing a diverse range of clothing options while ensuring smooth follow-up services.

Exporting goods from production to transportation often takes a considerable amount of time, so if you’re planning to wholesale clothing or open a boutique, you need to have the ability to plan ahead. Purchasing autumn/winter goods in summer and finding reliable sources for ordering, so that when autumn/winter arrives, you can kickstart your Brazilian clothing business.

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