How to start a clothing business in Brazil?

At present, the e-commerce market in Latin America is still in its early stages but has reached a transaction volume of $20 billion, indicating promising prospects for the e-commerce market. Among them, Brazil is known as the leading influencer nation in Latin America. Why is this? Brazil is the largest country in South America in terms of area and population, with a population of approximately 215 million. It has high internet penetration rates and is also the ninth-largest e-commerce retail market globally. In recent years, the number and frequency of Brazilian internet users choosing online shopping have been steadily increasing. For businesses, how start a clothing business in Brazil is very important.

According to a survey conducted by Octadesk and Opinion Box companies in Brazil, among more than 2,000 respondents, 61% of Brazilian consumers stated a preference for online shopping, surpassing purchases made at offline physical stores. This means that on average, three out of five people in Brazil prefer online shopping. Moreover, the “E-commerce Trends 2023” report shows that 87% of respondents stated that they make at least one online purchase per month. Among various market segments, clothing categories account for 60% of sales, topping the charts.

The preference for online shopping in Brazil is largely due to the excellent convenience provided by online consumption. For example, browsing products and stores is more convenient, all online operations can be completed without leaving home, the process is user-friendly, and customer service can be easily contacted to resolve issues. Another significant reason is that online consumption offers better prices compared to offline physical stores, and users are attracted to large and medium-sized promotional activities launched according to holidays or platform policies. These are all reasons why Brazilians increasingly prefer online shopping.

Not only the giants like Shein, Shopee, and Tiktok in the clothing retail platform, but newcomers like Temu in recent years have also shown promising development prospects. Therefore, we can anticipate future development opportunities for online retail in Brazil, indicating significant growth potential for clothing businesses in Brazil. If you’re considering opening a clothing boutique in Brazil or running an independent clothing sales site, now is the time as the industry is thriving.

How to start a clothing business in Brazil?

  • Solve the problem of opening a store

Using online stores as an example: Regarding SHEIN, according to relevant data, SHEIN’s growth in 2022 was 300% of that in 2021. Additionally, SHEIN is piloting a platform model in Brazil, allowing for independent applications to open stores on the SHEIN platform. In addition to this, platforms like Temu and Shopee also support rapid store opening or setting up an independent site.

2、Find clothing wholesale sources

It’s widely known that products manufactured in China have guaranteed quality, and the wholesale import prices are also very cheap, offering great value for money. Therefore, if you want to start a clothing sales business, consider Chinese suppliers as a priority, choosing high-quality but low-priced products to help your store develop steadily. Here, I can recommend a B2B clothing wholesale website manufactured in China—Liuhuamall.

Here, you can enjoy:

(1)A wide range of clothing categories and styles, including women’s maxi dresses, men’s suits, children’s clothing, swimwear, and even Muslim clothing. You can select suitable clothing items, inquire with Chinese clothing suppliers online, understand clothing details and wholesale prices, and even accept OEM/ODM orders.

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(2)24/7 online customer service. If you have any questions about clothing wholesale orders or need value-added services, you can consult online customer service for answers. Of course, Liuhuamall also has a physical presence with 28 years of clothing export trade history in the Guangzhou Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market. If you have specific clothing types you need, you can also consult with customer service to have business personnel find sources or negotiate sample prices for you.

(3)Value-added services for clothing wholesale exports. At Liuhuamall, you can also get value-added services for your clothing wholesale orders, including logistics transportation, legal consultations, export customs clearance, export insurance, and more. Apart from choosing the required goods, all services related to clothing wholesale exports at Liuhuamall can be fully covered, ensuring worry-free clothing wholesale exports for you.

3、Publicize your clothing website on overseas media channels

Nowadays, people are accustomed to internet life, whether it’s online shopping or socializing, there are more diverse options on the internet. Therefore, you can promote your clothing website through some overseas social media to bring traffic to your clothing business.

Start your clothing business now! Choose Liuhuamall to provide one-stop solutions for purchasers or startup entrepreneurs.