LIUHUAMALL : Global B2B Clothing Wholesale Platform

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, staying ahead of trends while managing costs and production timelines is crucial for success. For global apparel buyers seeking a reliable and comprehensive sourcing solution, LIUHUAMALL stands out as the premier B2B wholesale platform.

Home to over 2000 esteemed Chinese clothing wholesalers, LIUHUAMALL offers an unparalleled range of options, from ready-to-wear collections to bespoke OEM and ODM services. This innovative platform streamlines the procurement process, providing a seamless online experience for buyers to connect with top-tier suppliers, ensuring quality, efficiency, and competitive pricing. Embrace the future of fashion sourcing with LIUHUAMALL, where innovation meets tradition in the heart of the world’s manufacturing powerhouse.

Next, I will introduce the services on LIUHUAMALL to global apparel wholesale buyers, providing you with a detailed insight into how it meticulously supports every aspect of your clothing wholesale business.

1. What types of clothing can you find on LIUHUAMALL?

The answer is all types of apparel!

In the global wholesale clothing trade, Women’s Clothing is the most popular category, and the purchasing power of women is undeniable. As a bulk clothing buyer, you can find a diverse range of women’s apparel on LIUHUAMALL. This includes common styles such as Dresses that cater to various national tastes, everyday work outfits, Coats, and summer Short-Sleeve T-Shirts. Additionally, there are unique items like Muslim Robes, Evening Dresses, Wedding Dresses, and Bikinis.

It is worth mentioning that the Men’s Suits manufacturers in the GUANGZHOU LIUHUA CLOTHING WHOLESALE MARKET have many years of production experience. The quality of the Suits they produce rivals that of branded Suits, yet they are very affordable. Bulk buyers with suit procurement needs should consider making online purchases and inquiries on LIUHUAMALL.

Whether you’re looking for Men’s Shirts, Jackets, Sportswear, or Babies Clothing for various age groups, LIUHUAMALL has you covered. The platform also offers a wide selection of Accessories in various styles. At LIUHUAMALL, you will find a comprehensive range of apparel to meet all your needs.

2. LIUHUAMALL Services For Wholesale Clothing Online

(1) ONE-STOP International Trade Services for Global Buying & Selling

üForeign Payment Service

üAccept Payments from All Major Foreign Currencies

¥,$HK$SAR, And More

√ International / Domestic Logistics & Customs Declaration

(2) Make Your Purchasing Easy

√ Multi-Language Translators√I ys. 1 VIP Sales Assistants

√ All Major Payment Methods:

(3) Make your Purchasing Safe

2000+ Onsite Factory-Owned Showrooms

Pay-to-Market Certified Trading Companies


· 600M+ Styles

· All Four Seasons & Year-Round Clothing

· Directly Talk to 2000+ Factories Online

GUANGZHOU LIUHUA CLOTHING WHOLESALE MARKET serving buyers from Europe, Africa, South America, The Middle East, and Southeast Asia, and more than 200 countries all over the world since 1996.

As a market transformation platform with a long history of Clothing Wholesale E-commerce experience, LIUHUAMALL is not only guaranteed to match the clothing categories and quality production required by buyers, but also has rich experience and response strategies for the Global Clothing Wholesale foreign trade industry. Targeting Global Clothing Wholesale The relevant needs of the foreign trade industry can be provided with corresponding services through LIUHUAMALL.