The digital service zone for foreigners was launched in Guangdong

The Guangdong Provincial Government Service and Data Administration held a promotion conference on digital facilitation services for foreigners in Guangzhou. The service will create a one-stop high-quality service experience of “Payment Pass, Travel Pass, Life Pass” for businessmen coming to Guangdong. The service will make it smoother, more convenient and warmer.

Enjoy mobile payments with ease

The “One-stop” function of the special area relies on the capabilities of mainstream Internet payment platforms to achieve “foreign card binding”. Overseas people only need to register with domestic and foreign mobile phone numbers or email addresses, and they can bind overseas mainstream bank cards covering more than 200 countries and regions to achieve convenient payment by scanning the QR code. This service has covered the use scenarios of online car-hailing, buses, subways, bicycles, restaurants, supermarkets, accommodation, scenic spots and most offline and online merchants in the province.

Full-service solutions

The Canton Fair will gather thousands of businessmen, and the food, accommodation and transportation of friends from outside Guangzhou, involving catering, accommodation, consumption and entertainment. In view of the inconveniences such as unstable overseas card signals, few foreign language service platforms, difficult identity verification, and scattered service information, the special zone creates a full-chain, high-quality and convenient “life package” for overseas people, providing one-stop services including purchasing mainland phone cards and exchange maps, taking taxis, booking hotels, booking cars, ships, air tickets, takeaways, express delivery, scenic spots, drug purchases, movies, mailing, etc. At the same time, it is equipped with exclusive services such as bilingual intelligent customer service, hotline calls, and preferential gift packages to provide a convenient experience for foreigners to live and work in Guangzhou.

“One-yard pass” for various travel scenarios

In order to better serve the negotiating, exhibiting, exchange and tourism of merchants in Guangdong, the special zone provides a “travel code”, and the subway and bus in Guangzhou can be “one code pass”, and expanded to 21 cities in Guangdong City Bus and subway, as well as Hong Kong bus and subway applications, foreigners can easily travel and travel in the Bay Area with the “Bay Affairs”.

Government services are heating up and speeding up

Ensuring the smooth flow of foreign people and handling affairs is a pragmatic measure to provide high-level services for opening up to the outside world, and the special zone sorts out, translates and guides the government services commonly used by foreigners, such as how to take the fast channel for customs clearance, temporary residence registration, visa, residence permit, work permit and other high-frequency government services, so as to facilitate merchants to do things online.

Since last year, Guangdong has launched the construction of the “Digital Bay Area” in an all-round way. In response to the cross-border travel needs of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao residents, the “Bay Affairs” integrated service platform was launched. More than 100 popular services have been launched on the mainland and international versions of Alipay and WeChat, covering travel, customs clearance, communications, payment, job search, food, accommodation and travel, etc., to accelerate the promotion of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area through digital means.

This year, the Provincial Government Service and Data Administration thoroughly implemented the guiding spirit of the state on promoting high-level opening up and facilitating foreigners to come to China, and in order to better serve the upcoming Spring Canton Fair, the United Nations Digital Leading Enterprises in China will comprehensively sort out the needs of foreign merchants in Guangdong’s business, tourism, life, travel and other aspects, and build a “Digital Facilitation Service Zone for Foreigners”, fully integrating the advantages of China’s mobile payment and the digital capabilities of Internet platforms, and working hard in convenience, smoothness and warmth. Effectively improve the experience of overseas people in Guangzhou, promote high-level opening-up with high-quality services, and accelerate the construction of the “Digital Bay Area”.